Chicks for 2014!

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We have done chicks for several years now, and we get so excited every time it happens!  This time our eggs came from a farm in Elizabeth, and they came from hens called Easter Eggers.  These hens lay beautiful mint green, baby blue, and olive eggs.  They do look as if they were dyed for Easter!  We put 7 eggs in our incubator on Tuesday, and it had now been a full week, so we decided to take a peek inside, and we were not disappointed.  All 7 of our eggs are growing.  We have a wonderful chart we are counting down by and they are getting feathers tomorrow!  We have two more weeks to go, so count down with us and watch what happens!  We are posting pictures so you can join in on the excitement!

May Day and Provider Appreciation Day

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We made these adorable May Day pots for our neighbors and parents.  The pots are filled with caramel corn, and the kids painted all the butterflies on the pots with their finger prints.  They are precious, and I think the neighbors agreed!  Good job kiddos!











I did some adorable cupcakes for all the providers in our association that came to the Provider Appreciation dinner.  They look like a cup of ice cream, but they are cupcakes in bowls that I covered with scrapbook paper, and then decorated with frosting, chocolate, sprinkles and a cherry (sour cherry ball).  I love doing things for our providers because they work hard, and they deserve to be pampered for a night!  We also made puppets our of socks.  Elmer was our inspiration!  These are such wonderful books about a special elephant and children can learn about diversity and loving his sense of humor!

He is adorable!

Here's the cute puppet we made, and my kids will be making these too!

The Chicks are Here Again!

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We has Scarlett’s last day on Friday, and it was full of Chick action!  We will miss Scarlett, as we welcome our little chicks into the world!  We had one arrive before midnight, and the rest all came on their due date of Friday.  The last one hatched at 11:30 p.m.  We have 7 adorable chicks and here are some of their pictures and I’ll post their hatch pictures too!

Chocolate (we have two that are brown, and the other is Chocolate Cake)
Harry (check out my legs) We have that need to shave their legs!
I have stripes on my back!
Group shot!
Nap Time-1 day old and so tired!
I look like a penguin, but if we stick with food, then my name should be Oreo!

Today for preschool, and checking our chicks!

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We are talking about roots, flowers, and seeds.  We did an experiment with celery stalks and put them in blue water to see how they drink up the water.  They are like little straws and the flowers roots do the same thing in the soil.  We made cute flowers with roots, and colored yellow flowers and wrote the letter Yy.

Our flowers with roots

We candled our eggs and found that 11 of our 12 eggs have chicks growing in them!  We know they all won’t hatch, but we are excited!  Today we made predictions on our eggs and what will come out and the color of the chicks.  Here are our results:  Scarlett said the green ones will have black, the white one, yellow, and the brown ones might have brown?  Ella said the green ones will have blue- the white, yellow-and the brown, red.  Avery said the green, pink-the white, white- and the brown, brown chicks.  Liam said the chicks will be blue and purple.  Blake said the green, orange- the white one will have a bunny!- the brown one will have a cow!  We will see who is right and what comes out of our eggs!  We cracked open the only egg that wasn’t even fertilized, so there wasn’t a chick.  Whew!  I’d hate to make a mistake, but it’s pretty obvious when you candle it, that there isn’t a chick at all!  Check out or chick pics!

Viewing our Candled eggs. We have to do it in the bathroom because it has to be really dark!

Our 1 egg that isn't going to be a chick! We have 11 more to watch.

Jellybean is going back to the farm!

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Jellybean is going back to the farm to be with his mother and friends.  He has feathers for his wings now, and he is quite the chirpper!  I think he is lonely and needs some friends, so the nice lady that gave us the eggs will take him back, and we will continue our new eggs in the incubator.  We put 12 more eggs in on Friday, so we’ll see if we can get more than 1 this time, so our chick isn’t so lonely this time.  It’s been a fun experience, and we’ll keep you posted with the next ones.

Jellybeans last day!See Jellybeans feather on his wings? He is ready to go back to Miss Lisa's house. We will miss you Jellybean!

The Chick is Here!

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Our Chicks are not due until Thursday, and Wednesday if they are a day early.  Someone forgot to tell our little Early Bird he was to wait.  A quick run to Murdocks to get supplies, and he is good to go.  We were gone on Easter, and so tired when we arrived at home, that we just went to sleep without checking our chicks.  Low and behold, Randy woke me up and said there is a chick peeping in the incubator.  I hadn’t even turned off the rotation, so we are happy he is healthy and peeping!  The other 7 are still in the incubator, and we hope little Jellybean has a sibling soon.  Yes, we are calling him Jellybean since he came on Easter.  There is the cutest book called the Legend of Jellybean, and he didn’t hatch with the others.

The Legend of Jelly Bean and the Unbreakable Egg
Joe Troiano

Holiday Hill Farm, 2007

It was just before Easter on the Holiday Hill Farm, when five little chicks hatched in the back of the barn. And then… something went wrong! As the chicks raced against time to discover the secret of the Unbreakable Egg, they learn the value of teamwork, the importance of kindness and the amazing power of… a good hug!

Click on this link to read a couple of pages from this adorable book!

Here are some pictures of our adorable Jellybean.

See all the veins in the egg shell?

Happy to be out of his shell and very tired!

It's warm in here! We have to keep a heatlamp on Jellybean to keep him warm.

I need to grow into my big feet!


He is a few hours old, hatching from the green egg, and waiting for the rest of his brothers and sisters.  Stay tuned for an update.

While the chicks are waiting….

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We will be doing crafts and lessons on hens, chicks, and other farm animals.  Here was a cute craft we did today.  We discussed how hens sit on the eggs and do a better job than our incubator.  The hen takes great care of her chicks, and so did we!

We are waiting! Day 7!

Our Hen with her Chicks!


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